FURY CATAMARANS is a socially and environmentally responsible company committed to sustainability. We’ve consolidated the following ethical guidelines for our daily operations.

We take action over the social and environmental impact of our operations. Our entire team of staff contributes by incorporating a set of responsible and ethical measures based on the principles of human rights and conservation of our ecosystem. These are detailed below:

1. Respect & care for the environment

a. We’ve established alliances with environmentally and socially responsible providers, keeping a solid, loyal and ethical relationship with them.
b. We promote the reduction, reuse and recycle of waste, through responsible management actions. We acquire recycled and certified supplies, reduce their use and we reuse them.
c. We incorporate the use of biodegradable hygiene and cleaning products, alongside energetically efficient vehicles.
d. We take measures to reduce the purchase of single use and disposable packages or containers.
e. The responsible use of water is of paramount importance. We’ve adopted respectful and efficient habits to its daily use, not just to manage and ration this resource but also to control energy consumption.

2. Non discrimination policy & child protection

a. We don’t discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, expression, age, national origin (ancestry), marital status, sexual orientation, or any personal or social condition.
b. We protect teens and children when it comes to travel and tourism, protecting children’s rights and their best interest and having a zero-tolerance for child abuse.

3. We adequately & continuously train and sensibilize our staff through courses related to the conservation of the environment and best practices.

4. We periodically supervise that our sustainable and quality policies are being complied by our team of staff, alongside additional measures and requirements to prevent higher pollution.

5. We provide our clients information related to our Sustainable Development and Management principles, and our actions to preserve the environment and local culture.

6.-We systematically and periodically evaluate the impact of our activities, through the continuous improvement of actions and operations in order to economically, socially and environmentally
satisfy the company’s overall goals.

7. When speaking or acting on behalf of the company, we maintain a neutral political stance, as well as respect others’ opinions.

8. We keep a legal and respectful relationship with authorities and institutions.

9. We collaborate with local government and non government organizations dedicated to improving the social needs of those in vulnerable conditions.

10. We periodically update and evaluate our goals, as well as modify, revise and adapt our Management System in relation to our operations & destination.