Thank you for sharing so many memories with us!

Thank you for sharing so many memories with us

5 star ratingFury Boat 5 October 8, 2019 We had an amazing experience snorkeling. After the snorkeling, the party (kid friendly) got started and everyone on the catamaran was refreshed and ready to hit the beach. The guides kept a careful watch on everyone enjoying the water activities. We were very impressed with the service and care the guides showed my cousin who pulled her shoulder out of place while enjoying some of the beach activities (no fault of the company). They were extremely awesome with getting her care and staying with her while she received medical assistance. We highly recommend this excursion for the awesome fun experience and sincere care of the guides! We will definitely recommend to all our friends and anyone looking to enjoyed Cozumel.


5 star ratingSnorkeling and Beach Fantastic service, friendly atmosphere, professional crew made this snorkeling experience a favorite for me. Time to rest and play on Fury beach is a premium benefit. And sailing is the best ever.

marykZ9218IR Avatar

5 star ratingSnorkeling & Beach & Sail with Fury in Cozumel This was my favorite activity during our week-long Caribbean cruise. We booked through the cruise line and my only complaint was I would have liked it to be longer then the 5 1/2 hours we got.

The Fury catamaran was a nice sailboat. It was clean and safe and big. There were 6-8 crew on board and while very fun, they took safety very seriously. Good explanations, and they were extremely helpful, especially to others who weren't experienced snorkelers. The crew handled things really well.

I appreciated this being a real sail - we went out and returned under sail (not motoring). The Fury cat was waiting for us steps from our cruise ship.

There were quite a few crew with us in the water for snorkeling, and they checked regularly to make sure each swimmer was okay. They chose a place with lots of fish, and we saw a king ray, and some people saw a turtle. The fish were really pretty and plentiful. A staffer took a picture of you underwater if you wanted, which I did since my underwater camera was acting up. The waters were calm and the boat easy to get on and off.

After snorkeling, the margaritas and soda flowed. Then, we sailed to their beach. We were one of the few groups, but as we left, there were 4 other cats that had arrived, so it was getting busy. There seemed to be plenty of lounge chairs, but I can't speak for the afternoon. They were starting to grill hamburgers which smelled great ($11 for burgers and salads and sides), but it was too early for us to want lunch. Margaritas, beer and soda are "free" (i.e. included in the price, no extra). There are cool floating devices, slides, etc in the water. There's a nice shaded area and the bathrooms were fine.

The crew helped us off and on at the beach - carrying our beach bags to make sure they didn't get wet (I'm short).

Our sail back was fun with music and margaritas and soda and more music.

This was really fun. We are in our 50's, so not young, and the party atmosphere was just enough. Lively, happy good music, etc.

Really fun time from start to finish. I highly recommend Fury Cozumel!!!


5 star ratingLovely Excursion We were on the Fury Snorkel & Beach tour, booked through Royal Caribbean, on March 4, Catamaran #2. It was a great mix of sailing with some time snorkeling and hanging out at their private beach. The crew was excellent. They were very good communicating what would be taking place, the rules and reasons for the rules and were just a lot of fun. We were traveling with our two college age sons and all of us thoroughly enjoyed the tour.


5 star ratingSnorkeling and Beach Fantastic service, friendly atmosphere, professional crew made this snorkeling experience a favorite for me. Time to rest and play on Fury beach is a premium benefit. And sailing is the best ever.

marykZ9218IR Avatar

5 star ratingAMAZING! I have a great fear of the ocean. The thought of snorkeling sent me into anxiety. My husband and kids, age 14 and 15 were ready to go. The crew made me feel safe and comfortable. I did it. I never felt fear in the water. We had waterproof cameras for the teens... Which they did not understand film pictures. Big mistake. We should of kept the cameras because we would of taken more pics. The crew was amazing and the party/dancing were great fun for all of us. Boat #3 with Angel was the best. Time on the island was relaxing for us and the kids had a blast on the water slides and things! The way back was a dance party for all. Well worth the money and would do it again In a second!!!


5 star ratingSnorkeling & beach break -- Wonderful! The snorkeling was absolutely wonderful with lots of fish and ocean life to look at. The beach break was relaxing on the beach and fun in the water on the aqua park. The crew on Fury 3 was so attentive to all of us on the catamaran when we wanted another free margarita, free beer, or free soda/water!

abbeyalex Avatar

5 star ratingDo this it is so fun! This is a relatively short excursion but lots of fun! First they give you a snorkle and fins. You use a yellow life vest which they require. The water was choppy on the day we went but it is really pretty under the water the mask is really easy to see through. You stay near the boat (they do not allow you to go very far). There are staff in the water with you to assist in various ways. Seems very safe! The water was just a little tiny bit cool (in January) when you FIRST get in but then withing a minute or two feels just fine. YOu walk down some steps and they assist you into the water. After snorkeling it is a nice boat ride (15 minutes) to a beach where you can play and swim and sun and shade! Fun and free beer and margs! (you can buy a hamburger but I think that is the only food) You do have to walk through waist deep water when getting off the boat. I would have liked a little more time on the beach (it was about 1.5 hours). The boat ride back to Cozumel was SOOO fun I could not even believe it. They played fun dancing music and Carribean music and the staff danced and served drinks and it was amazing! Hint: wear your swim suit onto the boat with maybe a cover up or t-shirt. You could change into dry clothes after everything but the boat bathroom is smallish for changing clothes. Do not change on the beach because you have to walk thru the waist high water to get back on the boat. Temperature in January was fine though with a shirt and suit.


5 star ratingBeach, snorkeling and sailing! Fury Catamarans picked us up and took us south along the coast towards our beach location. On the way, we stopped and did some snorkeling on a shallow reef.
The catamaran then took us to a private beach with an inflatable obstacle course out on the water. Kayaking and paddle boarding were available as well as a good hamburger lunch (for $11).
Beer and margaritas were included and the fun and friendly catamaran crew showed everyone a great time. Line dancing on the deck was pretty fun as well!
Thumbs up to Fury Catamaran Tours!


5 star ratingAwesome Staff!!! We booked this excursion through Carnival Dream. The staff was very friendly from the beginning and focused on safety. We took a ride around the cruise ships and was about 20 feet from the shore for snorkeling. The area was deep but we had several people in a confined space. It made it difficult to actually see anything but a few fishes and coral on the bottom. After snorkeling, we all got back on the boat and travelled several miles away to a private island with all types of water sport equipment like trampolines. The white sand beach was nice to relax on. There was food available for sale, but drinks were inclusive. We stayed here for about hour and half. We then got back on the boat to return to the pier. Angel and crew were awesome. I would go on this excursion again.


5 star ratingSun Sea Fun! Recently participated in the Fury Catamaran Snorkeling and Beach Party as a port adventure off a Disney Cruise. Angel and his staff were professional, helpful and just plain fun. Our group of six (age 10 to 71) had some first time snorkelers and some experienced ones. Every step of the way felt safe and fun. The snorkeling site was wonderful with lots and lots of colorful fish, coral reefs and lots to see. Well worth the money. The beach party was incredible. With water trampolines, slides, kayaking, paddle boards and paddle boats, there was something for everyone. Private beach well marked. All of us have fond memories.


5 star ratingGreat crew, terrific catamaran We were diverted to Cozumel due to hurricane Dorian and decided to do the excursion Norwegian offered called Fury Catamaran Snorkel and Beach Break. It did NOT disappoint. The crew were polite, helpful, humorous, delightful and accomodating! I was impressed. It compared very favorably to other excursions we have taken. The snorkel site was not impressive but we enjoyed 90 minutes at a clean beach with loads of water activities and it was great to have free drinks on the beach as well as on the FURY after the snorkeling. I'd recommend it anytime! We very much enjoyed the experience!

R.s. G

5 star ratingGreat time! We had so much fun on the catamaran and snorkeling tour. The beach break was beautiful too and the lunch was good. We also enjoyed just relaxing in the hammocks.


5 star ratingGood snorkeling and water toys Interesting shells on the beach. A plus was the coatimundi wandering around. Nice selection in gift shops. Pepsi!

Mary K

5 star ratingGood family trip! We did the beach and snorkeling trip off a cruise and we enjoyed it tremendously! My SIL has never snorkeled before and he was thrilled. There were lots of fish and the variety of coral was incredible. After snorkeling, we went to a beach where there was a water playground that my granddaughter loved. There were ample chairs, hammocks and even cabanas with beds. The food there was not provided, but it was good and reasonably priced. The crew also made sure that we all had a good time. I will add that the snorkel time was a bit short for me, the water is freakin cold in February and the crew tends to hover like mother hens, but I assume this is because people are idiots. There are several Fury boats and I don’t know about al of them, but our guy was Xavier and he was terrific.


5 star ratingGreat beach and boat ride — so so snorkeling The snorkeling experience was a bit disappointing because the location was too deep and saturated by swimmers. It wasn’t terrible - just could have been better.

The boat was excellent and the crew was awesome. The crew in particular is the reason I would rate the experience as excellent. They went out of their way to make sure that everyone was having a great time for the entire trip.

The beach was fun and very clean.


4 star ratingGreat Tour and beach day Experienced this excursion from Royal Caribbean cruise.
Great staff on catamaran. Energetic, entertaining, hardworking, attentive, and fun. Went with wife and 16/18 yo sons. All had a great time. Margaritas and beer included. No limit.
Of course, snorkeling in Cozumel isn’t great. Water is too deep and little close up viewing except for fish that surface to eat bread from staff.
The floats and rafts in the water look lame in the photos , but were incredibly fun snd sometimes challenging to climb.
Also, we go to spend 90 minutes on the beach which was a little surprising since most such excursions are divided into 30-45 min chunks. Highly recommended.

michaelmF6414DI Avatar

5 star ratingFun in the Sun After having our booked shore excursion cancelled the day before, we decided on the Catamaran ride and snorkelling exursion which we booked through Royal Caribbean. We were pleasantly surprised that there were free drinks on both the catamaran and the beach, and although we had to pay for the lunch, the burger was huge and delicious. Unfortunately we did not see too many fish while snorkelling, but the time spent on the beach was a lot of fun. The captain and crew of the boat were great, and my friend discovered once we had got back on board that she had left her phone on the beach. The captain phoned back to shore, and they had found it and by the time we got back to Cozumel there was someone waiting for her with her phone. All in all, we had a great, fun-filled afternoon out on the water.

MichelleWsa Avatar

5 star ratingLots of fun, great crew! Smooth ride, friendly staff, Short snorkeling activity and then on to the beach. Spent about an hour and a half there. water slides, trampoline and nice location.


5 star ratingFury Catamaran Tours I took my three 18 year old grandsons on a Princess Cruise and signed up for an excursion with Fury Catamarans in Cozumel for sailing, snorkeling and beach. Drinks were included for the entire tour, 4 1/2 hrs, alcoholic and non-alcoholic. It was the best tour we have had in many, many trips. It was fun, the ship's captain and the entire crew were entertaining and attentive! Very reasonably priced and so, so much fun. Beach had chairs, hammocks, drinks and water toys, all free of charge. Do not miss this tour!!!

Esther W

5 star ratingCatamaran sail, snorkeling, and beach play - July 2019 I highly recommend Fury Catamarans! We had a wonderful time sailing with the great group of guides. The guys were kind, funny, and helpful. They made the atmosphere a true party yet were very safety conscious. I would definitely book another tour with Fury!

Kathy S

5 star ratingExcellent adventure The boat ride was awesome, drinks were superb, snorkeling was amazing and the staff were off the chain. Precision, safety and and great dancing set the tone for this excursion and this was before we made it to the beach. The beach was an adult playground. Plenty to do. Play or relax you choose. Great time!!!


5 star ratingFury Catamaran Snorkel and Beach Break We were lucky to be on an early boat that was not to packed. Had about 40 minutes to snorkel with clean equipment they provided. Then went to beautiful beach with inflatables, paddle boards, hammocks, chairs, massage for $, kayaks, and rafts. Fun and exhausting day. Staff was friendly and knowledgeable.


5 star ratingFun Crew and Great Snorkeling Experience!!!! I am a non-swimmer so I brought my own life vest for this trip (I advise you do the same when you are a non-swimmer). This is my first snorkeling experience in Cozumel with my life partner. I was very impressed by how organized the crew handled the guests and they kept us entertained from start to end. The crew found the best snorkeling location and they advised us to follow the buoy. The buoy was a big help for me because it took out the work of trying to determine where I can find the best spot to see all types of fish. The crew will move the buoy to where I could see sting ray, colorful fishes, Barracuda, and beautiful corrals. Love-love this tour. The beach break was awesome too!!! I will sure do it again when I visit Cozumel, Mexico. More


5 star ratingGreat staff I need to call out an amazing staff -- when I jumped into the water, I had no problems. But as I swam to the diving group - I got kicked by another diver in the chest. I swallowed a great deal of water and began to fight the current to return to the boat. After about 30 min of oxygen -- I was much better. Hats off to the team for great service -- scared my wife but handled well. PLUS we had a great time on the beach after the incident!!


5 star ratingAmazing sunset The sunset was a beautiful site. The crew was entrtaining and the drinks never stop. Great music and entertainment!!! Definately doing it again.


5 star ratingAweosme time We really enjoyed this trip and wnjoyed the snorkeling ans spensing time om the beach and definitely was entertaining


5 star ratingGreat experience It was the best decision made in Cozumel! The excursion crew was excellent, very friendly and willing to make us have a great evening, they made it!!! Will definitely recommend this excursion in Cozumel.


4 star ratingFun half-day cruise excursion Booked this tour through the cruise line and for a half-day trip there is plenty to do or just relax. The crew were great and the guides worked hard to make sure everyone understood what was happening and what needed to be done, the most informative snorkeling trip I've ever been on. The snorkeling was good, but the reefs are struggling and you can see a lot of bleached and dying coral, which is really a sad state.

Moving on to the beach break, our boat was the first to arrive so lucky break in that we got to find an open shaded cabana. The time went by really quickly but there was enough time to play in the water, paddleboard and climb and use the slides on the large inflatable jungle gym. The food available for purchase was made or order American style burgers, we opted not to eat here as we were craving some tacos and wished that could have been an option as well.

Overall had a great time and will say that the entire crew works very hard to make sure you have a good time and we felt well taken care of throughout!


5 star ratingSo exhilarating! We set sail and enjoyed this tour a great deal. The music and drinks always were flowing! The sails were a plus. We were on Fury 2. The crew was fantastic!! They always were caring and waiting on us! We first stopped and snorkeled for about 45 minutes. The snorkeling was calm and great!! It was a little crowded, but we still enjoyed it. Than margaritas flowed and the beer was tasty. We stopped at a great beach. We kayaked, used large mat floats, and my husband paddled boarded. We had a great time. We stayed at this beach for about one and one half hour. We had a great time!!!!

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